Adin Ross drama

Man claiming to be Adin Ross’ half-brother says he is “done”

By Olivia Richman


Feb 26, 2023

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Adin Ross has been permanently banned from Twitch after joining Kick, a controversial competitor that allowed Ross to stream porn and continue spreading rhetoric he learned from Andrew Tate. Now, a man claiming to be his half-brother Miller Ross has taken to social media to address Ross’ behavior.

Adin Ross has been catching a lot of flack in the streaming community for his continued support of Andrew Tate, an influencer that has been arrested for his possible connections to a human trafficking ring in Romania. Adin has started telling his young followers very similar sexist rhetoric, leaving his alleged brother concerned.

Miller accused Adin of “making erratic career and life decisions” that have largely stemmed from meeting Tate.

Adin Ross’ alleged brother expresses concern over Andrew Tate drama

In his Twitter thread, Miller explained that Adin became famous while he was still a teenager, causing his family to try and keep him on the right path during this very new territory. The family used to all be close and support one another, but Miller said that Adin has been breaking the family apart, starting when he went to meet Tate in Romania.

After Adin’s first serious relationship ended, he decided to start talking to Tate online. Miller felt that Adin was very vulnerable at that time and more susceptible to the harmful things Tate has expressed. Their father became very worried, and the two reportedly got into a big fight.

“I couldn’t believe this was my kid brother,” Miller said.

According to Miller, his father tried to intervene when he found out Adin planned to fly to Romania to meet Tate. This led to Adin cutting off his father as well as his a big chunk of his extended family. Miller expressed that he was sick of seeing his father cry over Adin and having a “strained” relationship with his younger brother. He said he’s become “tired of this bullshit,” mentioning the time when Adin planned to interview Kanye West, a proud antisemitic rapper.

On top of that, Miller brought up Adin’s sexist statements, including calling women “dishwashers” and streaming porn to young viewers.

“A lot of kids look up to Adin. The last time we saw each other, we went shoe shopping and this little boy ran up to him and was crying, said he was his hero. Whether he asked for it or not, that’s his audience, and it’s irresponsible to feed them this kind of nonsense. Period,” Miller said.

While Miller initially wanted to keep the family drama private, he tweeted that he was sick of dealing with Adin altogether.

“I’m done. I’m not gonna sit around and wait for him to stop torturing our family because he’s in love with some bald British rapist. I used to blame Andrew Tate, but now I blame Adin Ross. He didn’t make you act like this. Not to me, not to our sister, and not to dad. Grow up,” said Miller.

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Streaming community reacts to Miller Ross tweets

The sudden thread from Miller left the streaming community shocked. A lot of people felt for Miller over the toxic situation.

But Adin Ross’ followers were not as sympathetic. Some of them felt Miller’s confession was a “big L” for judging Ross for “making 18+ content,” urging him to support him instead. Others encouraged him to stay out of the situation altogether and let Adin do whatever he wants, saying that his family seemed to be “controlling” Adin Ross.

Adin Ross has yet to respond publicly to his brother’s tweets.