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Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf trolled by fake Adept on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Nov 4, 2022

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Ever since it was revealed that Adept technically owned Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s luxury car, it’s become a big joke in the streaming community.

xQc showed off a McLaren 720s Spider in late 2021 that cost $300,000. But fans were left confused as to why he spent money on a luxury sports car when he doesn’t even have a license. What nobody questioned at the time, however, was how did xQc even register the car without a license?

xQc’s former girlfriend Adept answered that in a recent stream. Adept explained that xQc was unable to register the car in his name. While he did pay for the McLaren, Adept had to register it under her name. That means the car is technically hers.

This realization has left the streaming community stunned, especially after learning that Adept had been driving around in the car after the two split.

Adept xQc

Community questions if Adept used xQc for his money

Controversial streamers Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf were recently streaming together when someone posing as Adept made a donation in order to give some funny advice to Kopf.

Ross and Kopf have a bit of a dramatic history. The two were rumored to be dating for quite some time after images surfaced of them going out together. But Kopf admitted that she stopped talking to Ross after the rumors circulated since he has the “most toxic” fanbase she’s ever faced.

“From what I can remember, the main reason for us not talking was because he wanted more of a relationship and I didn’t. He just wanted more than I wanted, and then we stopped talking. And then he met Pami and obviously they hit it off,” Kopf added.

But that didn’t stop the troll from making a joke during the two’s most recent stream.

“You should date Adin, have him put his new Porsche in your name, and then break up with him. Works every time,” the fake Adept said.

The streaming community found the joke funny but noted that Kopf is already richer than Ross anyway and wouldn’t need his car. On the other hand, some felt that there was some truth behind the imposter’s statement, accusing Adept of mooching off of xQc. A few even felt that Adept may run off with the car at one point.

For now, xQc has remained silent about the entire situation surrounding his car and former partner.


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