Adin Ross addiction

Adin Ross admits to opioid addiction on YouTube

By Olivia Richman


Apr 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Adin Ross recently opened up about his struggle with opioid addiction.

After a lot of controversies over on Twitch, Ross has moved to Kick, where he is free to gamble, spread Andrew Tate’s rhetoric, and show porn to his young viewers. While there has been a lot of drama throughout his streaming career, Ross recently said that he wanted his platform to be a place where other people can get help with their addictions.

On April 11, Ross posted a video to YouTube titled “Adin Ross Opens Up About His Opioid Addiction.” He chose to post the video to YouTube since he felt that his fans on the platform were the most supportive.

Adin Ross encourages viewers to be healthier

According to Ross, he had been on a lean drinking binge, essentially abusing cough syrup. This caused him to “fall off his journey” a bit, and he noticed a difference in his behavior as well, causing him to come off as arrogant. But whenever he tried to quit, he would deal with a lot of digestive and other health issues.

“You end up in this trap… At first, you think you’ll never do that. But then you end up doing it and you don’t realize it and eventually you’re addicted. It takes away and it steals you. You gotta boss up, man, and discipline yourself and understand when an addiction happens and make sure that you kill it. I was lucky to kill it quicker than others,” Ross said.

Adin Ross said that opioid addiction is “very, very serious” but noticed that TikTok and Kick’s viewers were making fun of him for it. He posted it on YouTube instead because he felt that the comments would be a lot more supportive.

To combat his addiction, Ross said he was going to start going to the gym and “punishing” himself. The goal is to become more disciplined, he explained. Junk food will be thrown away, and he will be eating healthy again.

Along with improving himself, Ross is hoping to help his community fight addiction to alcohol and drugs. He said he will be opening up about his own journey on Kick to let people know they’re not alone in their struggle.

“You can be better, bro. I get it, it’s an escape. But it’s a trap. It’s the devil just tempting you, bro. You’re you and I love you and I’m here for you,” Ross said.

Adin Ross added that he’s grateful to have people supporting him even when he “slips” and that he will be doing the same for his community.