Adept subtweets xQc’s new girlfriend Nyyxxii over streamed kiss

Olivia Richman β€’ November 5, 2022 2:45 pm

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been the subject of drama the past few days, which is nothing new for the controversial streamer. This time around, it’s due to his whirlwind of a relationship status.

xQc left Adept in mid-September, although the two have been seen together since the heated breakup. While this left many confused if the two were together once again, xQc has since revealed that he’s moved on to someone new.

In a recent stream, xQc could be seen kissing a girl named Nyyxxii. During the alcohol-involved streamer-heavy broadcast, xQc and Nyyxxii also admitted to having sex. The former Overwatch League pro did say, however, that they were not officially a couple.

Still, many fans voiced concern for xQc, predicting that the relationship wouldn’t last. Many felt that it was just a rebound relationship while others didn’t trust Nyyxxii due to her promiscuous past, which she discussed in the stream. But Adept herself said she will not be judging Nyyxxii anytime soon.

Adept comments on xQc relationship with Nyyxxii

It seemed very soon for xQc to be seeing someone else, since his long-term relationship with Adept ended a little over a month ago. This had many people flocking to Adept’s streams and social media pages to see if she had anything to say about the situation.

But Adept tweeted that she won’t be talking about another woman on her page.

She admitted that the last couple of months have been “toxic,” but that doesn’t mean she will “publicly diss” another woman. She said that the unnamed woman is just “living her best life.” While Adept never mentioned Nyyxxii by name, many assumed it was about her after she appeared in xQc’s stream.

In response to Adept’s cryptic tweet, some applauded her for being the bigger person and said that she can pull anyone she wants as well. But others felt she was inserting herself in a situation that didn’t involve her since Nyyxxii never mentioned Adept on stream.


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