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Does xQc have a new girlfriend? All about Nyyxxii

By Olivia Richman


Nov 5, 2022

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel surprised his fanbase by announcing a new relationship just a month or so after leaving his off-and-on again girlfriend Adept.

xQc is the most popular streamer on Twitch thanks to his outspoken personality and controversial behavior. He was recently under fire for ditching QTCinderella’s Shitcamp last minute so that he could deal with some family issues, which was later revealed as a breakup with Adept due to her not getting along with his brother.

After revealing the reason behind his absence, Adept reacted with frustration for making their relationship issues public. She accused him of playing the victim and called his behavior “cringe.” Later, she was spotted at his home and driving his McLaren, leaving some to wonder if the two were dating once again.

But xQc has revealed that he’s pursuing other women this time around.

Who is Nyyxxii?

In a recent stream, xQc was joined by a fellow content creator named Nyyxxii. She is a social media influencer but her following is a lot smaller than xQc’s.

During the stream, xQc kissed Nyykkii multiple times and the two seemed generally flirty with one another. The entire situation left his community confused and concerned.

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Many felt he was moving on too fast since he broke up with Adept in mid-September. Others said that they didn’t feel xQc and Nyykkii would last, especially after she admitted to some controversial sexual activity on the stream. Some said that Nykkii was a rebound. Others just felt that the two looked very similar and jokingly suggested the couple might be cousins.


xQc said during the stream, however, that he wasn’t dating Nyykkii. The two are not officially a couple. xQc fans told the haters to just let the guy have some fun. The entire stream seemed to be a good time for xQc.

In a followup tweet, xQc called the stream “fun” but said he wasn’t able to do his scheduled stream today. Meanwhile, he told his followers to stop being mad at things and “enjoy something.”


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