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CS2 testers are calling for an open beta, here’s why

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The limited beta test for Counter-Strike 2 is insanely exclusive, which has led to calls for an earlier open beta.

The most exciting part of the CS2 announcement was the beta test, with all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players hoping to get into the extremely exclusive affair. However, the lucky few who got in are now decrying the beta for its limited player count. Now, fans want Valve to switch CS2 to an open beta for the official release this summer.

The CS2 limited beta test is extremely exclusive, with Leetify estimating that only around 3% of players are able to access the Source 2 port of the game. That number comes from Leetify’s own user base, which could individually be more likely to get access. If so, then the rate of acceptance is even lower than 3%. Even with the game’s player count constantly breaking records, that’s still a very small field of players.

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This has led to fan complaints about repetitive experiences, with some claiming to run into the same handful of players match after match. Limiting the early beta test to just Dust 2 doesn’t help, as first looks showed off Nuke, Overpass, and other updated maps.

Valve has two straightforward ways to solve the problem. The first would be to open up the beta for CS2 to more players, creating a larger matchmaking pool. This would be relatively easy and would kill two birds with one stone, as it would satisfy players still waiting to get in. The second option is to introduce other maps, though that would be more taxing on Valve’s resources. Hopefully, the limited beta won’t be so limited after another month or two of testing. 

Will CS2 switch to open beta?

Based on Dota 2 Reborn, CS2 will likely switch to an open beta sometime before the official launch.

When the Source 2 port of Dota 2 first rolled out, it was an exclusive beta limited to only a few players. However, it quickly became an open beta, which subsequently became the most popular way to play. The game then officially launched in Source 2 a few months later, and the massive amount of feedback from the open beta was undoubtedly a valuable resource for Valve.

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With that in mind, it’s likely that CS2 will get an open beta sometime before the summer of 2023. The question becomes, when? With an ambiguous release date, possibly as late as August, it’s possible that Valve will open up the limited beta test in June or July. Between now and then, expect Valve to loosen up the strict invite requirements and add a new map or two to keep players satisfied.


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By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 26, 2024