Bel'Veth nerf

Yuumi and Bel’Veth nerfs, Caitlyn buff coming in next LoL Patch

By Olivia Richman


Jun 28, 2022

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League of Legends is getting an update this week with patch 12.12b, bringing buffs to champions including Caitlyn and Katarina.

Micropatch 12.12b is going live in the near future according to lead designer for game balance Matt Leung-Harrison. The patch will be focused on champions that have become a bit too strong or were hit too hard by the changes in patch 12.12.

Which champions are getting buffed in League of Legends patch 12.12b and 12.13?

The micropatch is meant to hit “outliers” on the roster, according to Leung-Harrison. After the last update, some champions became a bit too weak to fit into the meta.

Buffs coming in LoL patch 12.12b will impact Caitlyn, Katarina, Leona, and Shaco. These champions saw nerfs to base stats and passive bonuses in 12.12 that had extreme results. The champions became weaker than intended, causing developers to scramble the following week.

The buffs coming to these negatively impacted champions are not yet known.

Which champions are getting nerfed in League of Legends patch 12.12b and 12.13?

Along with some buffs, there will also be some nerfs to balance out the champions ahead of 12.13. This includes nerfs to Bel’Veth, Senna, Seraphine, Tahm Kench, Wukong, Yuumi, and Zeri.

Bel’Veth has been the focus of previous balance patches, with developers continuing to nerf the Empress of the Void without making her irrelevant to the meta. The goal has been to reduce her power in low ELO games where she continues to dominate despite recent adjustments.

Yuumi was given a bit too much power after the adjustments in patch 12.12. It’s unclear how Yuumi, Seraphine, and others will be nerfed just yet. With 12.12b coming in just a few days, players can probably expect answers in the very near future.

When is patch 12.13 coming to League of Legends?

LoL patch 12.13 will now come out on July 13.

The release date for the patch has been pushed back by about a week. Other champions will see balance changes in 12.13, it’s unknown what changes will be rolled out.

The updated patch schedule can be viewed on the official League of Legends website.


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