xQc Forsen

“You have been destroyed”: Forsen beats xQc’s Minecraft speedrun record

By Olivia Richman


Mar 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Sebastian “Forsen” Fors has beaten Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s Minecraft speedrun record, continuing the back-and-forth rivalry between the two competitive streamers.

Minecraft has continued to be popular due to its dynamic gameplay, including its ever-growing speedrun scene. Speed runs have taken over Twitch long after the controversial Dream records. xQc and Forsen are the latest to continue the craze with their back-and-forth record-breaking speed runs.

In 2021, Forsen beat xQc’s record for Minecraft 1.16 by seven seconds. He taunted xQc at the time, tweeting that the Juicer should “get with the f—ing times.” But in 2022, xQc came back to claim his title. It’s been his since then. Well, until now.

While the streaming community joked that seven seconds wasn’t a lot the other time, nobody could deny Forsen’s incredible victory this time around.

Forsen takes back xQc’s Minecraft speedrun record

Forsen beat the Ender Dragon, Minecraft’s final boss, in a little over 18 minutes. The previous record, held by xQc, was over 20 minutes. This means Forsen beat the already impressive record by over two entire minutes.

The incredible run has become a huge accomplishment for Forsen, with many wondering if he started grinding Minecraft and try-Harding the run so he can stop playing it once Counter-Strike 2 comes out. The record-shattering run will no doubt give him a big break from Minecraft while xQc spends the next however many months trying to beat it.

This didn’t stop Forsen from antagonizing xQc on Twitter once again, however.

“You have been permanently destroyed. I suggest you start searching for a different occupation because I would be embarrassed to ever show my face on this platform again with a 20:05,” Forsen joked.

The trash talk definitely seemed to motivate xQc to try and regain his record. He told Forsen he’d see him “in a week.” So Forsen may not have as much time away from Minecraft as he originally hoped.

Without an invite to the Counter-Strike 2 limited beta, xQc will probably have all the time in the world to go for that speed run record.