Dream face reveal

Dream finally reveals his face to Minecraft community

By Olivia Richman


Oct 2, 2022

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The Dream face reveal has come sooner than fans originally thought.

Dream has been teasing a possible face reveal for the past year, even showing his face to a handful of streamers the past few days. With cryptic tweet after cryptic tweet, fans were starting to feel that the face reveal was coming soon. But when?

After Dream tweeted on October 1 that he was going to reveal his face, the Minecraft community speculated that Dream would do the reveal at Twitch Con. In the past, Dream had stated that he planned to make his face reveal part of a bigger event.

But earlier today, Dream decided to make a simple video that finally showed his face after all these years.

Dream uploads face reveal video

The video started with Dream with his back to the camera, a cat in his lap as he sat in his gaming chair wondering how to go about the reveal. He was clearly a bit nervous about how to finally show his face, something that he has never done despite being one of the most famous YouTubers in the world.

He then fiddled with the camera, furthering the tension for fans. At this point, it was clear that Dream was fooling around with his fanbase, making it seem over and over again that he would show his face just to show his mask or his cat.

Finally, Dream dropped the mask.

“Hi. It feels so awkward talking into a camera for the first time. Hi, my name is Clay, otherwise known as Dream,” Dream started.

Dream explained that he finally decided to show his face because his best friend George was coming from Europe to live with him. George has been featured in many of Dream’s videos, including the Manhunt series. George was going to upload his own video about finally meeting Dream after all these years of friendship.

“My goal was to just start doing things, get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends finally,” Dream said. “I want to be an actual creator, a person.”

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Dream added that many people have been trying to leak his face, which was starting to overwhelm him.

Dream will still not use a face cam during his Minecraft streams, although he plans to show his face in vlog-style content with his friends. This was something he couldn’t do in the past. He told fans to expect more creative content coming soon.

So far, the community has responded positively to Dream’s face reveal video. Many noted that they were “proud” of the creator for taking this step. Others were just happy to finally see the face behind the voice they’d been listening to all these years.


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