Valorant spray wheel

You can now swap sprays mid-game in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


May 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players can now toss more color and fun memes across the map they’re playing with a new spray wheel feature currently being tested in PBE. 

Players have been pestering Riot for big changes to deathmatch mode, replay, timeout feature, and more. Now, Riot has undoubtedly been working, but on an entirely new thing that nobody asked for. Still, players are not complaining, considering how awesome the new spray wheel is. 

Credible Valorant leaker has shared a video from PBE showcasing a spray wheel that’d become available in patch 6.10. Here’s what it does.

How to use the Valorant spray wheel

The new spray wheel leaked by Valorant Leaks and News will include four sprays picked by players before the game begins. Then, during the game, players can swap between the four sprays and paint their walls with colorful pictures. 

After patch 6.10, a new section for random sprays would appear at the corner of the buy menu. Here, players can select the four sprays by using the search bar. Sprays will be added to the wheel by check-marking the small box attached to each image. They can then be used by pressing T or by using the mouse cursor. 

Valorant Premier

It’s worth noting that the exception of animated sprays being used mid-game still applies. GIF-like images will still not be allowed besides the buy phase. This new feature won’t change much, but it will allow players to flex more of their owned items in the inventory.

Now, players are requesting Riot to roll out a similar wheel for guns as well, a feature they’ve been asking for years. Currently, players can only use a single gun skin out of dozens of pricey items they buy. So, a skin wheel would allow players to get a bang for their buck. Who knows, maybe this spray wheel is a tester for something big!