Skin randomizer Valorant

Riot is testing a collection randomizer to better flex Valorant skins

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is toying with a skin randomizing feature in Valorant PBE that players have been continuously asking for.

Valorant bundles are extravagant, unique, and expensive. It’s quite unfortunate that players pay big money for skin but are forced to put them on the proverbial shelf as soon as a new bundle arrives. But Riot may be working on a solution.

Currently, Valorant doesn’t have a feature that lets players automatically rotate their loadout, but Riot may be flirting with the idea, according to PBE players. 

Valorant PBE is a test build for features that are mostly approved by the team. In PBE, players test out the new tech to ensure it’s well-suited for the game. Riot Games is currently working on a Collection Organization feature that’d help players flex their loadout. 

Is there a skin randomizer in Valorant? 

skins in Valorant

Riot may roll out a skin randomizer for Valorant soon if PBE testing proves successful. The feature will load a new skin from the owned inventory in each game. 

At the moment, players have to equip each weapon separately, which can be tedious. There are 17 guns in Valorant, including sidearms, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, snipers, and heavy weapons. Replacing each skin isn’t an easy task. This tool lets players get the most out of their purchases.

Valorant leakers and PBE users have revealed a Collection Organization feature that’d finally let players manage their pricey bundles. The exciting feature will allow skin owners to filter their collection by favorites, owned/unowned, and skin tiers. Using this, players will get their money’s worth by equipping all their favorite skins in competitive games. 

The favorite option will let players filter out the best skins in a separate folder. Players only need to click on the tiny star button to curate a personal favorite collection. Once that’s done, the selected skins will be added to active inventory, a collection that keeps rotating with each game. For example, if you played Bind with Reaver 2.0 Phantom, you may get a Glitchpop Vandal on your next map if you own it. 

This way, players won’t have to change skins before each game manually. Instead, the game’s automatic system will do it for you. This is a highly-requested rendition of a skin randomizer. While it doesn’t change skins on each map as players asked, it surely helps highlight more skins.