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You can now live out your “wildest fantasies” with AI Amouranth

By Olivia Richman


May 23, 2023

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Fans of streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa will be able to directly chat with her in the near future. Well, an AI version of her.

AI is taking over every industry. First, it was being used to write articles (not this one, we swear) and create websites. But now, AI is even being used in the dating industry. Amouranth has announced an AI version of herself that will “satisfy fans’ needs” by interacting with them.

AI Amouranth is coming

The AI program, simply known as AI Amouranth, is being created to allow fans to further interact with the popular influencer off of OnlyFans. Now, they will be able to ask a artificial copy of Amouranth questions and get voice responses.

Explained a press release: “With AI Amouranth, fans will receive instant voice responses to any burning question they may have. Whether it’s a fleeting curiosity or a profound desire, Amouranth’s AI counterpart will be right there to provide assistance.”

The voice will be “realistic,” sounding as much like the redhead as possible. The text will also be very flirty, making it feel personable and steamy.

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“I thrive on taking risks and pushing boundaries,” Amouranth said of the AI project. “Above all, I prioritize being there for my incredible audience.”

She wrote in the press release that the program will create an “unforgettable” experience for participating fans. It’s unclear exactly what “needs” the program will satisfy, but a shared screenshot showed a text from AI Amouranth telling fans that she wanted to “explore mind-blowing adventures” with them, including “steamy gaming sessions” and acting out their “wildest fantasies.”

The Amouranth chatbot is being officially launched as part of the Forever Voices AI platform called Forever Companion. This program allows users to speak with AI inspired by different celebrities.

“As the global leaders in turning influencers into AIs, we are thrilled to announce that Amouranth is now available as an AI companion on our Forever Companion platform,” Forever Voices said. “It’s a groundbreaking opportunity to deeply connect with your favorite influencer on a whole new level.”

The interactions include getting answers to “burning questions,” having “profound” discussions, and going on virtual dates. Through these thousands of possible interactions, Forever Voices is hoping fans can forge “meaningful connections” with the Amouranth bot.

Talk with the Amouranth chatbot here. But remember, it will cost you $1 per audio recording you receive.


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