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Amouranth reveals upcoming projects, explains lack of content change

By Olivia Richman


Jan 17, 2023

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been under heavy scrutiny ever since she left her husband late last year, with many fans wondering why she is still doing adult content. Now, Amouranth has offered an explanation.

Amouranth said late last year that she was planning to step away from adult content, but viewers noticed that she was still doing adult content well after the deadline she’d previously set for herself. But people learned soon after that she was allegedly forced to continue doing adult content due to her controlling relationship.

The controversial streamer left her husband in late 2022 and started doing some wholesome streams, like riding her horses and playing video games. But she was still posting sexy photos on social media and creating content for OnlyFans, leaving fans confused. Was she actually planning to move on from adult content?

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Amouranth addresses haters calling her a “liar”

On Twitter, Amouranth recently responded to ongoing comments from fans calling her a “liar” for not changing her content. She said that it’s still in the cards, but that it’s not as simple as people think.

According to Amouranth, she employs 20 people. These people, along with nine others, help with editing and other content.

“It would be selfish and irresponsible to do a 180 at a moment notice.  I gave 60 days notice to my ‘lewd’ content staff letting them know they could find other employment but that their positions would be locked in for two months,” Amouranth revealed.

Amouranth added that some of her staff that helped with “spicy” content were transitioned to other projects, including some yet-to-be-announced events.

“Non-content creators in the peanut gallery think I’m supposed to just lay off everyone and instantly change my content,” Amouranth ranted. “Congrats on never having run an org — it sounds nice but it’s not fair to my staff. Additionally my dreams and end goals require substantial passive income (which I have to buy with my active earnings).”

What’s next in Amouranth for 2023?

Amouranth told fans that everything she has done so far is “deliberate” and done with compassion for her team. By taking her time to switch content, she was able to find new positions for every staff member in the meantime. After taking care of her staff, Amouranth said that she can start pursuing her new goals.

According to Amouranth, she has some big plans in the next six months.

In fact, starting on January 20, 2023, Amouranth said that she will begin some “fun projects.”

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“I do what I want now, and although many seem to relish in misconstruing my original words — it’s always been about having person agency. Some people want to delude themselves into thinking that if I wasn’t under some undue influence I’d do things differently, make different content from day one (or marry them). Casting doubt about my autonomy is their new cope,” Amouranth explained.

Fans have responded with applause for how Amouranth has handled the situation. She hasn’t only overcome an abusive relationship but has been working on new content for 2023 without laying off any of her employees.