Valorant Yoru

Leaks show big Yoru changes are coming to Valorant very soon

By Olivia Richman


Jan 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Yoru players may finally be getting the buffs and rework needed to make him a viable agent in Valorant patch 4.03.

Yoru is often found at the bottom of Valorant tier lists. Despite a lot of hype surrounding the agent when he was first announced, his kit has left a lot to be desired. Fortunately, developers announced in late 2021 that some impactful changes are on the way.

Now, a well-known leaker and data miner has shared that the anticipated Yoru changes may be coming as soon as Patch 4.03. While this is still a little ways off, having a timeline for the big buffs is important for Valorant players, especially Yoru mains.

This follows previous reports that Yoru was set to receive a rework, and gives a clear date for when he will finally be made a viable agent.

What are the Yoru buffs coming in Valorant patch 4.03?

Yoru is likely set to receive buffs for his Fakeout and Gatecrash abilities.

His Fakeout ability is going to see significant changes. His footsteps will have an entirely new visual, which developers explained as a “carbon copy” of the agent. The copy will explode when shot by enemies. It’s not yet clear what the copy’s capabilities will be when it comes to movement and attacking.

Gatecrash is another ability that’s getting reworked. The speed will be increased by 20% and it will also be harder for enemies to spot thanks to a lowered range of vision. Yoru will also get a fake teleport that can be triggered from a distance, sounding and appearing like an actual teleport.

While this won’t radically improve Yoru’s offensive capabilities, it will give him more tools for tricking enemies. Yoru’s kit has been terribly limited in terms of its versatility and this should allow him to do better work at tricking and finessing his way to kills.

When is the Yoru rework coming?

The Yoru rework is set to arrive in Patch 4.03, which is slated to come on February 8.

Patch 4.03 is coming in four weeks, meaning it’s still quite far off. According to Valorant’s content release schedule, it’s expected to land on February 8 and 9 depending on the region. While this is still far off, it’s nice for Yoru mains to know a major change is around the corner.