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xQc’s YouTube channel is already back, but should it be?

By Olivia Richman


Nov 29, 2023

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s YouTube channel has returned.

After his account was suddenly taken down, xQc announced that his videos and channel were back up on YouTube. According to The Juicer, all of this could have been easily avoided.

xQc currently has 2.33 million subscribers on YouTube. His channel includes clips from his Twitch streams as well as his infamous reaction videos. Many believed that those very videos got his channel taken down since he was facing a lot of copyright strikes for using other people’s content without transforming it enough.

The channel is now back, and xQc has shared his theory on what went down.

Why was xQc’s YouTube channel taken down?

xQc recently shared why his channel was taken down during a livestream. According to the former Overwatch League pro, he was too lazy to deal with some copyright strikes that eventually led to his channel getting suspended.

He said on stream: “Somebody that is not part of any of these realms, a random, claimed to be one of these people and said, ‘Yo, this is my video,’ but that person is not Tom Scott or the main video or anybody.”

In response, xQc made a counterclaim, but it took too long to kick in, and his account was banned.

“That’s it,” he shrugged.

While this is very likely the reason, and the drama over the suspension has dissipated as fast as it arrived, it still points to a bigger issue with xQc and other YouTubers.

A lot of content creators are still frustrated with xQc for using smaller creators’ videos without permission and profiting off of their content without doing very much on his end to change it. xQc will often silently watch others’ videos and sometimes chime in with an exclamation or reaction.


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