xQc frustrated on Twitch

“It’s literally gone”: xQc reacts to YouTube channel being taken down

By Olivia Richman


Nov 26, 2023

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Fans of Felix “xQc” Lengyel have been left disappointed after realizing that the streamer’s YouTube channel has been completely removed.

While Alia “SSSniperwolf” Shelesh has taken the spotlight for stolen content in her reaction videos, xQc has also been consistently pulled into this controversy. Other content creators have accused xQc of not truly transforming content, making a hefty sum of money by watching other people’s videos without fully crediting them, causing drama in the past.

Recently, xQc faced multiple copyright strikes on YouTube for his reaction videos as the focus on stolen content picked up. To avoid getting in trouble, xQc stopped posting on his main channel, but it seems like that may not have been enough.

xQc angry

What happened to xQc’s YouTube channel?

xQc was livestreaming on Twitch when he realized that his YouTube channel was apparently taken down. When he went to the channel, a message stated that the page “isn’t available.”

On stream, xQc seemed surprised but called the situation “whatever.” He wasn’t exactly sure why his YouTube channel was gone but speculated it could be due to his pending counterclaims on some copyright strikes not being processed in time.

However, the Juicer didn’t seem too worried. He said: “I think it’s because… What the strikes were going to kick in, then I had a counterclaim, and then it just… It didn’t kick in in time or something like that and it’s auto-termination. But it comes back up.”

While the YouTube channel being down will lose xQc some income, the streamer was more frustrated with how it would impact his community while he waits for it to come back up. He explained that YouTube is “for the people” and now his fans won’t get the content they want.

“But revenue-wise, I haven’t looked twice at it,” he added.

Even though xQc doesn’t seem that concerned with the situation, some fans are worried that his YouTube channel will never return.


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