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xQc is moving again due to ongoing doxxing issues

By Olivia Richman


May 16, 2022

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Twitch superstar Felix “xQc” Lengyel is having to move once again thanks to an ongoing issue with doxxing.

xQc recently tweeted that he is moving back to Canada, his home country. He tweeted in all caps that he already has a setup built and that “everything is back to normal” in regards to his streaming schedule. But while the tweet was overall positive, with xQc showing off his simple, cozy setup, the story behind xQc’s move isn’t as heartwarming.

This is the reason xQc has moved again so soon

Fans of xQc most likely remember his chaotic move back to Canada in early 2021 due to a home invasion. Someone had attempted to break into his home with a crowbar, according to the streamer.

Soon after, xQc revealed that he was also getting constantly swatted, which is when people will call the police about something “dangerous” at the target’s address to bring the police to their home, often during a live stream. Swatting can be a dangerous practice, and those found guilty of it have been sentenced to prison. But that’s not enough to stop some bad actors from keeping up the unfortunate trend.

xQc ultimately moved to Los Angeles in part to escape the constant harassment, but revealed in late 2021 that he was unhappy with the vibe of the city. He moved again soon after, calling Los Angeles residents “weird” and the city “fabricated.”

xQc is now being forced to move again. Fans were a bit curious about the sudden move, but it was soon revealed that xQc has to constantly move to avoid more doxxing and swatting. xQc has often stayed in Air BnBs in order to keep his address private.

It was never made public if another swatting or break-in incident took place or if xQc just consistently moves in order to avoid address leaks and dangerous swatting incidents.


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