xQc looks to move to Rust RP server, but will streamers let him?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

OfflineTV’s large Rust server has become the main source of streamer drama the past few weeks, most of it revolving around Felix “xQc” Lengyel. 

The streamer’s toxicity on the Rust server has led to a lot of frustration, especially for players that want to take the game a bit less seriously. When he called out another streamer on the server, his fans started sending her death threats. With tension mounting, xQc told his Twitch viewers he was done “throwing shit and shade” at other streamers. 

But for many other big names on the OTV Rust server, it was a little late for that. Imane “Pokimane” Anys announced shortly after that she was done with the game because she wasn’t having fun. At the time, she told followers she would only consider a return to Rust if the server was split, ensuring she could play PvE and avoid the more competitive players. 

Surprisingly, Pokimane wasn’t the only one who was sick of the intense PvP action. xQc called it quits shortly after. 

xQc quits OTV PvP server, changes to RP server

During a recent stream, xQc’s group was wiped by a third party that attacked while xQc was busy raiding another player. In response, xQc decided to end his stream early. But before he left, xQc told his followers that he was going to move to the RP server, a move he felt was “best for everybody.” 

Despite being a toxic and cutthroat player himself, it seemed that xQc had enough after that encounter. He said that the creator server he was on was “really cringe,” even worse than “normal Rust.” 

Instead, xQc decided he wanted to test out some of his ideas for RP. This is the server where most of the popular streamers in the OfflineTV group are located, meaning that there will most likely be a lot of shenanigans for xQc to get into, even without as much raiding. A lot of streamers will most likely be disappointed that the dramatic ex-Overwatch League pro will be joining their server. 

xQc seems to know this is the case. 

During a recent Geometry Dash stream, a viewer decided to troll xQc by telling him that “Willma said on Twitter that she doesn’t agree with you coming to the RP server.” 

xQc immediately became serious in response. He squinted at the screen, seeming concerned. He then asked them to repeat who had said that with a quick, “Who?”

“Will ma balls fit in your mouth,” the troll responded. 

After falling for the lame setup, xQc seemed to be going through a dramatic range of emotions. He looked disappointed in himself after falling for such an obvious troll. But he also seemed relieved that there hadn’t been any streamers actually complaining about his move to their server. 

Only time will tell if xQc is able to play nice on the OTV Rust RP server.