Xerofang bundle draws mixed reaction from Valorant players

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 7, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Xerofang bundle celebrates the Lunar New Year 2024 with an RGB kill banner, ancient beasts, and jaw-dropping animations. 

Like every year, Lunar Year 2024 brings a brand new gun bundle to Valorant. With its over-the-top animations and an action-packed trailer, Xerofang is already making waves among the Valorant players. 

Xerofang bundle was announced on February 7, along with the return of the in-game esports hub and update to Viper’s free shorty skin. 

The trailer featured Pheonix and Jett tagging along with ISO to an underground club where the walls are adorned with the Xerofang insignia. With red electric shocks surging against the metallic body of Xerofang, the bundle is straight out of a futuristic fantasy. The dull greys of the metal balance out the sharpness of the bright color variants. 

An over-the-top RGB kill banner, animation, and audio effect complete the Xerofang bundle. 

Xerofang bundle Valorant

Xerofang bundle packs a keen-edged melee, which is the star of the show. Unfortunately, the collection only includes skin for two other weapons besides a knife. 

  • Xerofang Vandal
  • Xerofang Ghost 

Xerofang brings the noise and color, but some players are not happy with it. According to the community, the skin line is too similar to existing bundles like Araxys. It’s not entirely false, but Xerofang melee is still gaining popularity among players who don’t mind the similarities.

Valorant Xerofang bundle price and release date 

Xerofang will be released with Valorant patch 8.02, which is set for February 6. The premium collection will cost 6,355 Valorant points, which means each skin would be priced at 1,775 VP, whereas the melee would cost 4,350 VP.