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Will xQc be able to attend both Juiced and Twitch Rivals today?

By Olivia Richman


Sep 30, 2022

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel is the star of the live show Juiced, powered by Ludwig’s new creative agency Offbrand. But a double-booking has raised questions about xQc’s availability for the highly-anticipated show.

Streamer Ludwig recently revealed the Offbrand creative agency, which is aimed at helping content creators produce larger than life events, tournaments, and series. To celebrate the new endeavor, Offbrand announced a game show called Juiced, starring its first-ever client Felix “xQc” Lengyel. But in a recent stream, Ludwig noticed that there was already an issue: xQc might not be available.

While chatting with fans, Ludwig was directed to a tweet from Team Liquid’s streamer Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson. In the tweet, Mendo announced that his Twitch Rivals tournament on September 30 would include a “god roster” with the likes of Surefour and xQc.

The only problem is that xQc was also supposed to be starring in Juiced, also taking place on September 30.

xQc double books Twitch Rivals and Juiced game show

Upon seeing the tweet, Ludwig started chuckling. He seemed at a loss for words at the double-booking, although this is nothing new for the controversial streamer.


xQc was in a lot of hot water last month when he skipped out on Shitcamp 2022. He has also been condemned for not playing in certain tournaments to “gamble” instead. At the time, Thomas “Sodapoppin” Morris said that xQc has ditched events “50 times,” noting that everyone should be used to this behavior.

Over on Twitter, Ludwig replied to Mendo’s tweet with an ellipsis, still at a loss for words. Mendo knew exactly what had Lugwig concerned, replying: “He thinks he can do both but I have a replacement lined up just in case.”

The response from the streaming community has been mixed, with most people left shocked at xQc’s behavior. While many felt that xQc was wrong for double-booking two important events, others said that it’s xQc’s right to choose which one he attends. Others just chanted that xQc should do both.

With both events set to happen today, only time will tell if xQc manages to attend even one of them.


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