Marvel Rivals consoles

Will Marvel Rivals be on console? Where to play Marvel Rivals

By Olivia Richman


May 7, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Marvel Rivals is NetEase Games’ highly anticipated hero shooter that brings popular superheroes and villains into familiar maps to capture points and claim victory. The Closed Alpha test is coming soon, but will it open up to other consoles once the game is released? Here’s what we know.

Marvel Rivals is getting a lot of hype due to the exciting concept of combining abilities based on popular comic book icons as well as the controversy over the heavy Overwatch 2 inspiration. Still, the gaming community seems to want Marvel Rivals to beat Overwatch 2 due to much disappointment in the game.

When is Marvel Rivals coming out?

Marvel Rivals doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it’s expected to come out in the first quarter of 2025. Until then, developers will have play tests and more as we learn about the game up to its release.

Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha

What platforms will Marvel Rivals be on?

Marvel Rivals is currently only coming to PC.

NetEase Games has talked about “actively exploring” releases on other platforms. But this hasn’t been confirmed. In fact, we don’t even know which platforms it would be, but most likely Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Overwatch 2 eventually reached Nintendo Switch as well. That means it’s possible Marvel Rivals could follow suit but most shooters have a tough time performing up to par on Nintendo’s most recent console. Maybe the rumored Nintendo Switch 2?

Will Marvel Rivals have crossplay?

Marvel Rivals is currently only being released on PC.

If the game expands to other consoles, it will most likely have crossplay like other shooters like Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. For now, we will have to wait to find out if Marvel Rivals will even come to other consoles — and if so, when?