Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha

How to join the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha

By Olivia Richman


May 6, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha is coming in just a few days and developers have given us some exciting insight into what participants can experience. Here is what will be in the Closed Alpha on May 10.

Marvels Rivals will have five different game modes and a tournament for Closed Alpha participants.

Wrote NetEase developers: “Since we announced Marvel Rivals just over a month ago, hundreds of thousands of players worldwide have signed up for our Closed Alpha Test (CAT) and our Discord community has crossed the 100K mark! The overwhelming enthusiasm for Marvel and hero shooters from all corners of the globe has blown away our expectations. We’re honored and fired up by all your support and encouragement!”

Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha game modes

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In a blog post about the Closed Alpha, developers shared a quick overview of the five game modes that will be in Marvel Rivals’ Closed Alpha test:

  • TUTORIAL: Learn the basic techniques of fighting as a Super Hero with Galacta!
  • QUICK MATCH: Choose your hero, defeat enemies, and complete mission objectives!
  • POCKET UNIVERSE: Respawn at a flexible location and eliminate as many enemies as you can!
  • CUSTOM: Create Customized Matches to play with or against your friends!
  • COMPETITIVE: Ascend through the ranks amid thrilling and intense battles!

Dawn of Legends tournament in Marvel Rivals

On top of the five game modes, there will be a 6v6 tournament with real cash on the line to get the hype going. There will be a prize pool of $22,500 and the top 32 teams will also get an exclusive in-game title, Dawn of Legends.

  • Registration from May 10 – 13
  • Open Qualifiers from May 14 – 16
  • Knockout Stage from May 17 – 19

This will get players excited for the competitive side of Marvel Rivals, which is already being accused of being an Overwatch 2 ripoff. Despite the closeness of the two games, gamers are warmly welcoming Marvel Rivals for its superhero spin on a shooter.

Also, Marvel Rivals still has six players per team while OW2 has the unpopular one-tank, five player team change. But it’s still unclear if Marvel Rivals has similar roles or role lock.

How to get into the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha test

Since the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha is, well, closed, it’s not open to everyone. But developers are opening up to new players with extra invite codes as the Closed Alpha test grows closer. You can take part in the Closed Alpha if friends with access invite you. You may also have a chance if you watch a content creator taking part in the Closed Alpha program and get an invite code as a reward during their stream.

Check out more details here, including how to join the active Discord.