Marvel Rivals copy Overwatch 2 map

Gamers think Marvel Rivals map is an Overwatch 2 clone

By Olivia Richman


Apr 30, 2024

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The similarities between Overwatch 2 and newcoming shooter Marvel Rivals was already many but a recent map reveal had gamers confident that the superhero shooter is taking the copying a bit far.

Marvel Rivals will have two teams made up of superheroes and villains combining their abilities to overtake the enemy squad and dominate the map in a variety of shooter game modes that fans felt looked a lot like Overwatch 2. Coming out in May, developers are sharing more and more information about the anticipated shooter, including a recently revealed map.

The latest update, however, has gamers feeling like Overwatch 2 is getting ripped off.

Is Marvel Rivals copying Overwatch 2?

On April 29, Marvel revealed the first Marvel Rivals map, Tokyo 2099. Despite being located in Shibuya in the future, gamers felt like the actual layout of the map was far too familiar.

Tokyo 2099 clearly looks quite similar to retired Overwatch map Hanamura. This includes the layout of the streets, the shape of the buildings, and the way the points appear. The gaming community immediately took notice and commented on the video that it looked ripped right out of Overwatch 2.

Some comments read: “It gives the feeling of Overwatch from head to toe.”

“Overwatch, is that you?”

“What’s another 6 years? I can always start again, have another Overwatch!”

“Okay, Marvelwatch. Let’s go.”

“So it’s just Hanamura from Overwatch but with Marvel aspects, I’m okay with that.”

Clearly some gamers hated the over-the-top similarities while others embraced it. Some even questioned if Blizzard would sue Marvel at this point, though.

Overwatch journalist Liz Richardson shared these two shots side by side to show just how insanely similar the games are. As you can see, it’s difficult to know which point is from Overwatch 2 and which is from Marvel Rivals.

Blog post image
Blog post image

Richardson wrote: “Wah wah wah. ‘Neo-Japan isn’t trademarked by Overwatch!!’ The exact same curves, turns, and lighting textures probably are. Does ActiBlizz have any lawyers left?”

Blizzard and Marvel have not said anything for now but the map has definitely stirred up a lot of discussion for all the wrong reasons ahead of Marvel Rivals release next month.


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