Riot reveals new Dragonmancer skins for Thresh, Yasuo, more

Christian Vejvad • October 6, 04:50

A new set of Dragonmancer skins is coming to League of Legends soon and will include skins for some of the most popular champions in the game. 

The new cosmetics were first revealed on the League of Legends UK and Nordics Twitter account, showcasing a total of seven new colorful Dragonmancer cosmetics. This includes skins for five champions total, with two skins for Yasuo and a special prestige edition for the new Volibear skin. 

These Dragonmancer skins include cosmetics for Kai’Sa, Thresh, Karma, Volibear, and two for Yasuo. They will all be joining a line of other dragon-themed skins in the game such as Obsidian Dragon Sett, Fae Dragon Ashe, and Jade Dragon Wukong. Just like these skins, the new ones will also present each champion in their own dragon form. 

With the overall theme being dragons, these skins are some of the most colorful and satisfying that Riot has presented in a long time. With Kai’Sa being shown as a Lagoon Dragon, her skin will be in a water theme with blue colors and new sound effects. Thresh will be presented as a Steel Dragon, making this skin more dark and evil just like everyone knows Thresh to be. 

Unlike the other champions, Yasuo will be receiving two skins. This showcases Yasuo in his Dream and Truth forms. Both skins have the same themes, but very different colors. The Dream Yasuo skin presents the blade master in glowing purple while the Truth Yasuo skin is more toned down with autumn colors. 

New Dragonmancer and Dream skins

Dream Dragon Yasuo

Truth Dragon Yasuo

Duality Dragon Volibear

Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition

Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa

Steel Dragon Thresh

The new Dragonmancer skins are expected to hit the live servers along patch 11.21, which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20. Fans are already excited for the new skins to drop, particularly so that they’ll be featuring some of the most popular champions in League of Legends.


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