Why did Riot disable Valorant Night Market?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players may not be able to buy skins at cheap this time around due to a pesky Night Market bug. 

Every two months, Riot Games puts up exuberant skins at a cut price so everyone can enjoy Valorant’s coveted cosmetics. This act’s Night Market came swinging in on June 8, but since then, it has caused a lot of trouble for players, prompting Riot to make some tough decisions. 

After the Night Market went live on June 8, players reported a slew of bugs, including screen jitters and market crashes. More players noted the same issue, alerting Riot about the buggy skin shop.

The developer confirmed that the problem does exist and that it’s working on patching it up, but it seems players will have to wait to cop their favorite skins. 

Why was Night Market disabled? 

When is Valorant Night. Market

On June 10, Riot announced that Night Market would be getting removed from the game due to a bug that was causing the game to crash. 

“We’re hearing reports that some of you are having issues with Night Market and rotating Store offers. As a result, we’re turning Night Market off for now. We’ll work on a fix and hope to bring it back soon,” Riot said.

When players start Valorant, they are now met with a purple warning sign that reads: “We have disabled the Night Market.”

This means the thrift store is officially gone for good. However, it’s not all dark, no stars. Night Market will return, but the exact date is unknown. 

According to Riot, it will have an update about the Night Market on June 15. If Riot manages to patch the issue, Night Market should return. Otherwise, this act players will have to make do with pricey bundles.

But for now, players will have to sit tight and wait for Riot’s verdict.