Here’s the next Valorant Night. Market release date

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Night. Market is returning, Riot Games has announced. 

Valorant skins are expensive, but thrift stores are everyone’s best friend. Valorant Night. Market regularly appears in the game once every two months. Players would notice a new card appear on the menu for the Night Market, Valorant’s infamous thrift store. This stays for nearly 19 days, featuring otherwise expensive weapons at a significantly reduced rate.

The last Valorant Night. Market ran from April 5 to April 25. It’s set to make a comeback after full two months. 

When is the next Valorant Night. Market? 

Riot Games has announced the next Valorant Night. Market for June 8. The thrift store will shut down on June 28, running for 21 days in total. 

Players can buy coveted premium items at a cut price — the max discount on Night. Market is 10%-49%, which is a steal if you’re aiming for the premium category. Exclusive and Ultra items don’t appear in Night. Market rotation for their exclusivity and rarity.

However, the shop still features some of the highly sought-after weapons in Valorant. 

What skins appear in Valorant Night. Market?

Valorant skins

Any gun skins classed as Select, Deluxe, or Premium are available through the Night Market. Most knife skins at the same edition tiers will also be available through the Night. Market. However, skins must have been in the game for at least two acts before they become available through the Night Market store. Two of the offers out of your six will always either be knife skins or Premium edition gun skins, ensuring you at least get some semi-tempting offers in the shop.

Unfortunately, Magepunk 6.0 won’t be a part of June’s Night. Market rotation, since it’s still new and not two-acts old. The iconic rendition of steampunk skins will appear in episode 7, Act 2.