Why Chapter 4 Season 2 is the best Fortnite season yet

By Nicholas James


Mar 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fans of Epic Games’ battle royale constantly debate which season of the game is best, and right now Chapter 4 Season 2 is making a strong case the best Fortnite season ever.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 brought a ton of new zones, items, augments, and more to Epic Games’ wildly successful battle royale. From the Kinetic Blade Katana to Highcard bosses to floating loot islands, the game is filled with exciting new mechanics.

Is Chapter 4 Season 2 the best Fortnite season ever?

Is Chapter Four Season 2 the best Fortnite season?

The new season carries on the strengths of 2023’s first season, especially the newly-added Augment system. Augments allow players to build different combinations of powers and abilities each match to suit their playstyle. These give each Fortnite game a new sense of diversity that means you’ll often be playing differently every game.

This is especially true as new Augments are added to the game. The Kinetic Blade katana also offers tons of mobility, and encourages versatile fights rather than plinking shots from behind cover. On top of that, new Highcard bosses give players an incentive to pass through busy areas for the chance at seriously valuable loot.

Combine this with floating loot islands, which channel all the groups around them into a mad dash. And these fights for legendary and mythic gear make Fortnite matches feel fast-paced and frantic. All of these combine to make the new season feel fresh, and like there are constantly things to do.

With more systems sure to be added, including the Attack on Titan ODM grapplers, and more, there’s space to get even better. While it’s not perfect, the new iteration of the mashup battle royale has felt more streamlined than past seasons. If you’ve ever considered trying Fornite, there’s no better time than right now.


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