Who is the Veiled Lady in The Mageseeker?

By Melany Moncada


Apr 28, 2023

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 The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story offers a new look into the League of Legends lore. Not only do players get the opportunity to explore Runeterra, but they will also learn more about certain champions. Who is the Veiled Lady in The Mageseeker? The answer will surprise you.

When you start playing The Mageseeker, players are introduced to the Veiled Lady and its faithful followers. You can find shrines to the Veiled Lady across Demacia. These are purple circles with candles. When you approach them, Sylas gets healed, and all mana slots get charged.

Who is the Veiled Lady in The Mageseeker?

The figure that emerges from the Veiled Lady shrines is familiar if you are a League of Legends player. If you are new to Runeterra, you must advance through the game before you come face to face with the Veiled Lady herself. In League of Legends, she is better known as Morgana.

Morgana and her twin sister Kayle were born in the mountains of Targon, where her mother was chosen to embody the Aspect of Justice. Consumed by the power granted to her, Mihira became a danger to her daughters, forcing their father to run away with them.

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The family found refuge in Demacia, where they grew up. One day, a blade fell from heaven, and it was revealed that Morgana and Kayle had inherited celestial powers from their mother. Kayle took a radical stance, punishing all of those who broke the law, while Morgana believed in atonement and giving second chances.

The sisters grew apart, and tensions escalated until their final battle. Morgana would be the first one to lay down her sword as she realized their father was mortally wounded. Morgana questioned if that was the justice that Kayle wanted, who, horrified by her own actions, decided to escape.

Morgana retreated into the forest, where he assisted those who needed her. Morgana became a myth known by many as the Veiled Lady, the protector of mages and refugees in Demacia.


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