Do you need to play LoL to play The Mageseeker?

By Melany Moncada


Apr 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The League of Legends universe keeps expanding with new media like the animated show Arcane, comics, webtoons, and new games. The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is the most recent release. Before picking it up, you might be wondering, do you need to play LoL to play The Mageseeker?

League of Legends is not the easiest game to learn. It changes from year to year with new mechanics being added to the game and frequent updates. The champion that is strong one week might be rendered completely useless the next. Learning how to play League of Legends is difficult, and keeping up with it is even more difficult.

The question remains, do you need to play LoL to play The Mageseeker?

Luckily, League of Legends is not a prerequisite to enjoy any of the games published by Riot Forge, The Mageseeker included. While these games developed by third parties exist in the same universe, they are not directly linked to League of Legends, at least from a gameplay perspective.

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What do you need to know before playing The Mageseeker?

 In the Mageseeker, you will encounter many League of Legends champions and a variety of new characters. Knowing them and the entire League of Legends lore is not necessary, but there are some mandatory readings before you can play The Mageseeker.

The first necessary read is the Lux comic. It is a five-issue comic, and it could be considered the beginning of the story. In the comic, we learn about Sylas and the circumstances that lead to his imprisonment, and how he manages to escape. The Lux comic is available for free on the official website.

The second necessary read is the Katarina webtoon, which is considered the prologue to The Mageseeker. The webtoon is available online, with all ten episodes now published.

These two comics will help you better understand the story and details in The Mageseeker.


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