Sweet Anita

Who is Sweet Anita and how did she blow up on Twitch?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 22, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Sweet Anita is a Twitch streamer known for her fun gameplay and positive personality, but not everyone yet knows who she is or what she’s about. Sweet Anita has recently become more popular due to her videos spreading awareness about Tourette Syndrome and her big speech at the Streamer Awards. So just who is Sweet Anita?

Sweet Anita is a 31-year-old from the United Kingdom. She has kept much of her personal life a secret from the public, but there are some things we do know.

What is Sweet Anita’s real name?

Sweet Anita has never shared her real name with her fans and followers. She has also kept information about her family and her actual name private. Despite her being very open about her neurological disorder, Sweet Anita doesn’t often talk about her family, relationships, or other aspects of her personal life.

Sweet Anita started streaming in 2018, mostly sticking to streaming Overwatch at the time. She gained a solid following due to her fun and cheery personality. But her online following really picked up when fans started spreading a clip of her experiencing one of her many tics, an effect of her Tourette Syndrome.

Sweet Anita’s tics have been seen as quite hilarious to some fans due to their vulgar nature. But what has really given Sweet Anita staying power is the grace with which she handles the tics, often continuing to talk as if they never happened.

What does Sweet Anita have?

Sweet Anita has a disorder known as Tourette Syndrome, which causes her to repetitively blurt out certain words, phrases, or sounds that she can’t control. These sometimes inappropriate outbursts have gotten Sweet Anita in trouble in the past, including getting her videos removed from TikTok.

Twitch has openly stated that the platform won’t ban Sweet Anita for her profanities and inappropriate statements due to her condition. While this decision has created some controversy, with some wondering if Sweet Anita was getting special treatment from Twitch, the platform explained that it wants to create a welcoming environment for all content creators no matter their disabilities.

Sweet Anita has made many videos educating her followers about the nature of her Tourette Syndrome. In some interviews, Sweet Anita talked about her childhood and how she was finally diagnosed with the disorder. She has even discussed why so many of her tics are swear words, noting that some of her tics are actually quite innocent.

How many followers does Sweet Anita have on Twitch?

Sweet Anita currently has over 1.8 million followers on Twitch. On YouTube, she has 1.5 million subscribers. As she has become more popular online, Sweet Anita has also blown up on other social media platforms. Her TikTok has 2.1 million followers and nearly 48 million likes to date.

Does Sweet Anita have a boyfriend?

While Sweet Anita has made some jokes about Tourette Syndrome and how it impacts her dating life, she has never opened up about her current relationship status. However, Sweet Anita has made some jokes about dating “simps,” an experience that didn’t seem to go well for her.