Sweet Anita

Sweet Anita steals the show at the 2022 Streamer Awards

By Olivia Richman


Mar 13, 2022

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Variety streamer Sweet Anita has grown in popularity over the years for her realness and sense of humor. She stole the show when she presented a category at the Streamer Awards with her signature authenticity.

Sweet Anita has never let her Tourette syndrome get in the way of her wildly successful streaming career. While it may be challenging for her at times, she has the positivity and determination to work through it. She has never shied away from being open and honest about her life with Tourettes.

While her harsh language has often gotten her in trouble with Twitch and her viewers, Sweet Anita has remained a popular gamer to watch on the streaming platform. This is why she was chosen to present “Best Content Organization of the Year” at the first annual Streamer Awards 2022.

Sweet Anita presents award at the Streamer Awards 2022

Sweet Anita started her speech by saying she was “here to swear at you” and joked that she was not going to “tell people why.” While many know her in the streaming world, it could possibly be a bit of a surprise to hear her speech if you’re not aware of who she is.

“I have the best Content f—. The best Content t—. The best t—. The best t— in the…” Sweet Anita began. She paused, seeming frustrated with the tics but the crowd cheered her on. “Best Content Organization.”

She then named the four organizations up for the award, getting a bit caught up on Offline TV. This was followed by her calling the entire audience sluts and saying she hated them, though she carried on with her presentation adeptly.

From there, the winner was revealed as Offline TV.


While watching Sweet Anita for the first time could be a shocking experience, the streaming community is well aware of her disorder. The streamer did not bring a lot of attention to the tics, often deciding to ignore they were happening and continue her speech.

She pushed through with ease, making her speech one of the most memorable of the night. Not for the swear words, but for her positivity, humor, and the warm reception she got at the event.


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