Who is Killan in The Mageseeker?

By Melany Moncada


Apr 23, 2023

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The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is the latest game published by Riot Forge. The game is full of action but also gives us a look into the history of one of Demacia’s scariest organizations and its members. One of them is Killan, and here is everything we know about him.

The Mageseekers is a group created by King Jarvan to hunt down mages hiding in Demacia. Sylas is a former member of the group, imprisoned as a child because of an incident involving his own magical powers.

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In the game, we learn more about the members of this group. Killan is one of the leaders of the group and Sylas’ former teacher. Sylas feels betrayed by his teacher, who abandoned him at the mercy of the Mageseekers as a child.

Killan appears near the beginning of The Mageseeker game, helping Sylas and other mages escape Demacia. According to Killan, he is trying to right his wrongs by assisting the mages in secret. Killan encourages Sylas to seek allies who can help him get his revenge against Eldred Crownguard. He appears later in the game, interacting with other members of the Mageseeker.

What LoL champions appear on The Mageseeker?

During the game, Sylas adds allies to his rank. A spell crafter called Leilani, a mage called Nia, and a young blacksmith called Rukko. We also meet Wisteria, another one of Killan’s pupils.

The Mageseeker also features multiple League of Legends champions like Garen, Lux, Morgana, Jarvan IV, and Shyvana. There are some cryptic mentions of Evelynn as well. The champions mentioned are those who live in Demacia and surrounding areas.

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The Katarina webtoon is a prologue to The Mageseeker, featuring Katarina, Talon, and mentions of Swain. The game also includes characters that are part of Legends of Runeterra, like Lord Eldred Crownguard.


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