Corpse Husband

Who is Corpse Husband? Answering the mystery behind the voice

By Olivia Richman


Mar 23, 2022

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Corpse Husband rapidly rose in popularity back Among Us ruled over Twitch and YouTube streams. But it wasn’t really his playing style that won him fan. It was his voice.

As more people became obsessed with Corpse Husband, it became clear that part of the streamer’s draw was that he was a mystery to most people. His name and identity were unknown, and nobody ever saw his face, even leading some to fantasize about his hands.

What does Corpse Husband do on Twitch?

Corpse Husband started a YouTube channel where he’d narrate horror stories in 2015. His deep voice helped him become iconic in that video genre. But Corpse Husband really blew up when he started streaming games with Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter and Imane “Pokimane” Anys. His streams playing Among Us earned him millions of new fans.

Corpse Husband has 6.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.3 million Twitch followers. He has done all of this without ever appearing on camera.

Does Corpse Husband make music?

Corpse Husband is known for his voice, so it’s no surprise that he also has a pretty successful singing career. He has nearly 2 million followers on Spotify and is known for the song “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE.” The song has over 180 million plays on Spotify.

What is Corpse Husband’s actual name

Corpse Husband has never shared his real name. The mysterious content creator is 24 years old and was born in San Diego, California, but not much else is known about his private life. His actual name remains a mystery to his fans.

Has Corpse Husband done a face reveal?

Corpse Husband has never shown his face, explaining that he struggles with anxiety and prefers to remain anonymous. He has emphasized this multiple times, never budging on the idea of doing a face reveal.

There have been some alleged leaks against the content creators’ wishes. The most recent was shared on Twitter, showing a long-haired young adult that left some fans in shock. The initial response was that of disappointment for many of Corpse Husband’s followers, but others refused to believe that it was real.

Corpse Husband has said that he has dark curly hair, which didn’t match the allegedly leaked image. Some fans also noted that the hands did not match. Many streams have shown Corpse Husband’s hands, which appear different.

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How tall is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband is said to be 5’10” inches on some websites, but his actual identity and other details regarding his physical appearance are kept secret. He has never told viewers his exact height or weight.

Why is Corpse Husband’s voice so low?

In his earlier videos, Corpse Husband doesn’t as deep a voice as he seems to now. The reason his voice has become deeper, according to Corpse Husband, is due to GERD. Gastroesophageal reflux disease can impact the throat due to stomach acid often coming up.

What health issues does Corpse Husband have?

GERD is just one of the many illnesses that Corpse Husband has told fans he has. Corpse Husband has been very open about his health with fans, tweeting many of his illnesses near the end of 2019.

Corpse Husband has fibromyalgia, sleep apnoea, and GERD. Corpse Husband also has light sensitivity in one eye, causing him to wear an eye patch while streaming. If he looks at a screen for more than five minutes, Corpse Husband says that eye will become inflamed and he will be in pain for the rest of the day.

Due to his health issues, Corpse Husband turned to gaming and streaming to escape from his constant pain.

What is Corpse Husband up to now?

Corpse Husband is currently streaming and making YouTube videos. He isn’t as active in 2022 as he was in 2021, but has been seen making videos with other popular streamers while playing various video games.

Corpse Husband is not too active on Twitter, but often will share big updates through the social media platform. In February 2022, Corpse Husband announced that he was going to be voicing the character Ojiro in the English dub for the anime Tribe NIne.

For now, Corpse Husband’s identity and many of his personal details remain a mystery. But this is the way he would prefer it. Many of his fans seem to agree, as they enjoy speculating and wondering about the deep-voiced horror YouTuber.

Does Corpse Husband have a girlfriend?

While streaming Among Us on one occasion, Corpse Husband made it clear that he is very single. And it’s apparently by choice.

“Breakups f—— suck so I just don’t date anybody,” Corpse Husband said. “Breakups are awful.”


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