Who is Clove in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 11, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

Riot Games recently dropped a brand new teaser for Valorant Agent 25 and leakers have already discovered their official name. Here’s what we know about Clove. 

After teasing the upcoming agent in State of Agents, Riot shared a new image on March 4. The teaser image featured a hand similar to Astra’s and a butterfly, a recurring theme in previous Valorant teasers. However, the developer is still tightlipped about the agent’s name and details. 

Leakers have discovered the official name and potential abilities of the upcoming Valorant agent. 

Valorant Agent 25 leaked as Clove

According to trusted leakers, Clove is an upcoming Valorant Agent 25 with the power to self-revive. 

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The teasers all point towards a fairy entity as the next character in Valorant — and in-game emails confirm the theory. In an email retrieved from the game, Deadlock talks about Agent 25 using they/them pronouns. It’s tough to say whether this is Riot’s way of keeping the gender a secret or if it actually points towards a Fae or non-gendered agent.

In any case, the upcoming agent may have self-healing abilities. Another credible Valorant data miner has also teased this ability, posting an acrostic poem for Agent 25. The poem suggests that the agent wears a pink jacket and has the power to come back to life. 

So far, it’s tough to tell how much of the leaked information is true, but players will find out more on March 24 when Agent 25 enters Valorant.