Valorant Agent 25 will be a controller based out of Scotland

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 4, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has dropped new info on upcoming Valorant Agent 25, previously data mined as “Smokedancer.” The agent will be joining the controller roster later in March. 

Valorant agent lineup features enough controllers to lock down a site and keep enemies at bay, but Riot is now planning a new spin to the category. Leakers have dug out unique abilities, and Riot’s official statement seems to confirm them as well. 

On March 1, Riot dropped a brand new State of the Agent blog, and instead of beating around the bush with teasers, went straight into the announcement. According to John Goscicki, agent 25 is a controller. 

Who is Valorant Agent 25

Valorant Agent 25 is a controller with a new ability that would take the smoker category in a new direction, but what does it really mean? 

“We look forward to seeing what you think of Agent 25 during their release later this month when dropping smokes takes on a new life,” Riot said about Agent 25. 

Valorant Agent 25

According to Riot, agent 25 is an ideal pick for those with a cracked aim and confidence to do a second entry. Players who solo or duo in Valorant will benefit from this controller’s kit, which allows them to be self-sufficient yet strategic. 

While Riot described the agent in code words, here’s what leakers have discovered. 

Valorant agent 25 will reportedly be able to self-revive 

According to leaks, agent 25 will have the ability to self-revive, similar to Phoenix. This hasn’t been confirmed officially, but the way Riot’s mention of “new life” does point toward some sort of resurrection. 

There’s no rule set in stone that says controllers can’t be revivers, so it’s not too wild of an idea. Besides that, leakers suggest that Agent 25 will be from Scotland, based on the newly released art. 

Agent 25 release date 

Agent 25 will be released in sometime in the middle of Valorant Episode 8 Act 2, likely by the end of MASTERS Madrid.