SteveWillDoIt banned

Where does Stevewilldoit post now?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 17, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Controversial content creator Steve “Stevewilldoit” Deleonardis isn’t letting any bans hold him back from making content. This time, Stevewilldoit is claiming that X is the next big video platform.

Earlier this month, James “MrBeast” Donaldson made millions on X, formerly known as Twitter. How? When Elon Musk took over, he implemented an ad revenue system to X. MrBeast tested it out by posting his old YouTube videos to X and seeing what would happen. He ended up with millions of views per video, earning him some massive income.

Now, Stevewilldoit is looking to do something similar.

Where does Stevewilldoit post videos in 2024?

On April 17, Stevewilldoit posted his first X video. The video featured the streamer gifting Sketch with a supercar. The video already has 5.3 million views.

At the start, Stevewilldoit states: “Alright, boys. Welcome to my new YouTube channel.”

He continues to explain how he’s planning to make X the new YouTube by uploading videos every other Tuesday. Stevewilldoit said that YouTube used to be his “everything,” but after he was banned, he had to go where he was wanted, “not just tolerated,” and that’s X.

Fans flooded the video with positive replies, stating that it’s the first time they’ve watched long-form videos on the platform. Others agreed that X would take over YouTube, congratulating Stevewilldoit on starting the trend.

Why was Stevewilldoit banned from YouTube?

When Stevewilldoit claimed that X was the new YouTube, many fans agreed, noting that YouTube “was looking for any little reason” to ban him because he was “too rowdy” and not willing to conform “with the left.”

But what really happened?

Stevewilldoit banned

Stevewilldoit was banned from YouTube in August of 2022. In an email the content creator received, YouTube explained that the ban was due to “severe or repeated violations” of their Community Guidelines. No specifics were given.

It was possibly due to Stevewilldoit’s Stake sponsor, a gambling website that has been the source of controversy on Twitch as well. This was frustrating to fans since he was allowed to show gambling in his video, but saying or showing the site with “dot com” at the end will allegedly get you banned.

Fans were largely in agreement that they didn’t care why Steve was banned and instead valued him for his content and entertainment. Others argued that there wasn’t enough transparency from YouTube, which some assumed was due to Stevewilldoit being a controversial figure.