Sketch streamer

What’s up, brother? All about streamer Sketch

By Olivia Richman


Apr 13, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Have you been hearing people on TikTok or at school saying, “What’s up, brother?” You can thank Sketch for that. If you’ve never heard of him, here’s all you need to know to understand the overnight streaming sensation.

A little while ago, a TikTok went viral for asking girls to say “What’s up, brother” to their male partners while holding up a finger. Many were shocked when the guys would all respond with the same weird phrases and hand movements since not everyone knew where it all came from. You can thank a streamer known as Sketch for making guys repeat these phrases to each other all day.

Who is Sketch?

Kylie “Sketch” Cox is a mid-twenties streamer who started gaining popularity on TikTok and Twitch. He started off playing Rainbow Six Siege but has since blown up from playing Madden, earning him over 700K followers on Twitch and 1.6 million on TikTok, where he streams the football game live.

Sketch seemingly gained popularity overnight. His peculiar behavior and way of talking won over the Madden community, which eventually got him onto popular streams and podcasts. Since then, Sketch has gone from streamer collabs to pro athletes referencing his catchphrases on national television.

It seems like Sketch appeared out of nowhere, but now that he’s here, he has a chokehold over the sports community. Why?

When you see people discussing Sketch’s viral status, a lot of the credit is given to the character he has created. Sketch pretends to be a socially awkward gamer who makes over-the-top awkward faces and uses a peculiar speech cadence with a higher-pitched voice. Fans immediately latched onto his funny phrases and mannerisms, including dorkily pointing upward. His super fast comebacks and roasts also get a lot of laughs.

Some of Sketch’s catchphrases are:

  • What’s up, brother?
  • Tuesday! Tuesday!
  • Special teams, special plays, special players
  • Sorry for cussing

Is Sketch putting on an act?

A lot of people have been confused if Sketch’s personality on stream is authentic or an act. Sketch has never actually confirmed in either direction, but many fans have concluded that he’s clearly acting awkward and dorky on purpose since his quick witted insults don’t really match someone who is truly that awkward.

Either way, Sketch’s personality while streaming has been a massive hit with sports and streaming fans alike.