When is the next Valorant map release date?

By Fariha Bhatti


May 2, 2024

Reading time: 1 min

If you’re bored with the current map pool, we have great news. The next Valorant map is under development and will be playable soon. 

On April 30, Riot dropped a bomb on the Valorant community in the shape of a sizeable patch that significantly nerfed Cypher and Viper. Both support agents lost a few charges of abilities in their toolkits — and if that wasn’t disappointing enough, the patch didn’t include map rotations. 

Valorant has 10 maps that rotate at intervals to accommodate a total of seven maps in the pool. The last rotation took place at the start of Episode 8, and players are getting bored. Some had expected Riot to surprise the players by shuffling the pool in Patch 8.08, but that didn’t happen. 

Now, we finally know when the next pool reset will happen in Valorant. 

Valorant new map release date

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While the release date of the next Valorant map is still unknown, we know that it will be added to the pool in patch 8.11. 

Players can take a first peek at the map during VCT Masters Shanghai, Riot has revealed via Episode 8 Act 3 video with a note at the end. This means eager players should watch out for the event on June 9, 2024.

More details about the map are currently unknown, including the exact location and theme. However, players should expect a map that varies from Sunset in terms of design. Sunset included two Spike points, but it was still a rather large map with a wide mid area. The next map may be smaller, but more spacious in design, as opposed to Sunset’s tight points. 

Launch date of Patch 8.11 is yet to be revealed, but it would include a new map, rotation, and changes to the duelists’ toolkit, so it’s best to start preparing now.