When is the next post-TI patch coming to Dota 2?

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 10, 2023

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Dota 2 7.32d is starting to get a little stale, so when can fans expect the next big patch?

Dota 2 is an evolving game like no other. The esports’ famously complex systems only get more and more complicated with every patch, but it’s hard to find players who dislike the system. The biggest switch-ups are usually reserved for after The International, but Valve has been radio silent since the end of The International 2022.

Here’s when Dota 2 players can expect changes and reworks to their favorite heroes and items.

Next Dota 2 patch likely to release after DPC winter tour

Valve tends to avoid releasing a patch during major Dota 2 esports events, so the next window for release is likely after the 2023 winter DPC tour.

The 2023 Dota Pro Circuit has finally kicked off its first tour of the year, with division one running for three weeks starting on January 8. That paints an end date of January 29, making early February the most likely time for the next major Dota 2 patch.

Valve has not confirmed the release timing or if there will even be a major patch this year. However, that’s the only available window for a patch to drop before the winter major.

Another strike against this theory is division two, which will begin immediately following the top division. It runs for an additional three weeks. It would be strange for the lower division to play on a different patch than the big leagues, but it’s much more likely than the other way around. 

If it does release in early February, that will lead to pro players debuting on the patch at the Lima Major, which is currently scheduled to begin on February 24. Valve has previously released patches shortly before major events, but this could mean just three weeks of practicing and theory-crafting before hitting the big stage.

What will be included in the post-TI11 patch?

It’s impossible to guess with confidence, but the next big Dota 2 patch of 2023 will likely contain several major changes to the map.

According to reigning The International champion Oliver “skiter” Lepko, legendary developer IceFrog has returned to the Dota 2 development team after an absence of around two years. If true, this will likely result in major changes to game systems. The other balance managers likely erred on the conservative side during the frog’s absence, so big things like the map and economy could see major overhauls.

The biggest elephant in the room is the map, which has stayed pretty much the same since 7.22 in May in 2019, although some smaller changes were made in 7.29 last year. Pro players have also called for Roshan’s pit to be relocated, through to where is another question entirely. Other changes, like bunching together the radiant jungle or swapping camps in the dire triangle, are likely also being considered at this very moment.

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Even with all that, it’s possible that Valve will throw a total curveball into Dota 2’s next patch with a big new mechanic. Aghanim’s Shards were the last game-changer added to Dota 2, and the past few years have been primarily spent ironing them out. For all players know, heroes could get travel mounts, inherent passives, or yet another item slot.


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