Dates for 2023 DPC revealed, where will the majors be?

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 20, 2022

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The 2023 DPC season is right around the corner, and Valve has finally revealed the dates for the three regular seasons.

After months of anticipation following The International 2022, the dates for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit have been finalized. The tours, which are half as long as previous years’, will take place over three weeks starting in January, April, and June. In addition, this year will finally feature three majors, as was intended from the very start of the new DPC. Here are the announced dates and which cities may be chosen for the majors.

When is the DPC 2023 season?

According to information released by Western European icon Team Secret, the first DPC season for 2023 will begin on January 9, 2022.

That date will feature the first matches of each region’s upper division. That event will run until January 29 with a short break before the year’s first major, which will start on February 24. Here are all the announced dates for the 2023 DPC season, which could change as the year goes on.

  • Winter Tour – January 9 through January 29
    • Winter Major – February 24 through March 5
  • Spring Tour – March 13 through April 2
    • Summer Major – April 28 through May 7
  • Summer Tour – May 15 through June 4
    • Summer Major – June 30 through July 9

The new DPC season will also bring several changes, most notably by decreasing Valve did not confirm why it chose to make the change, but a shortened DPC season was a common request from pro players over the past two years.

In theory, third-party tournament hosts will have more space to host events between seasons, and players will spend fewer weeks of the year tied down to the competition. This will also allow more time for roster changes, which could have a significant impact on the lower divisions.

The major cities for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit

The cities chosen to host a major for the 2023 DPC is a mix of established esports capitals and brand-new locations.

While Valve has yet to formally announce the cities, insider information points to Lima for the winter major, Katowice for the spring, and finally Bali for the last major before The International 2023. Dota 2 fans living in Peru, Poland, and Indonesia are likely pleased by the news.

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However, the leak has not been confirmed by Valve in any way. While the dates for the tours are confirmed, the location of the majors may change with little notice for the community. Valve has previously had trouble with previous events including The International 10, and new travel restrictions could pose a threat.

The only way to know the 2023 DPC major cities for sure is to wait for an official announcement, though even those are not always reliable.