Ludwig Sykkuno

When is Ludwig retiring? It could be soon

By Olivia Richman


May 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It seems like just yesterday that streamer Ludwig Aghren beat the Twitch subscriber record with a massive subathon. But now, Ludwig is hinting at an early retirement.

Ludwig raced to the top of the streaming charts in 2021 after his month-long subathon. After streaming for 31 days, Ludwig became a household name on Twitch. He then went on to expand his career by creating the Mogul Money game show, Mogul Chessboxing tournament, and raising hundreds of thousands for charity.

Despite the quick rise to fame and success, Ludwig is already contemplating leaving the streaming scene.

Why is Ludwig leaving streaming?

In the fall of 2022, Ludwig tweeted that he was planning to quit streaming and pursue other career goals, like running his Offbrand content agency. At the time he mused: “Not today, not tomorrow, but at some point in the future I will quit streaming.”

Since then, Ludwig has not made any further comments about retirement. He has continued to stream on a set schedule on YouTube without mentioning retirement until now.

On May 16, Ludwig tweeted that he’s been streaming for six years. Apparently, this also had him thinking about his eventual retirement. According to his tweet, Ludwig plans to quit at the 10-year mark.

“Excited to make cool s— until then,” he said.

When some people joked that he wouldn’t make it to 10 years, Ludwig responded that he may “tap out” even earlier. He joked that he’d consider leaving to start a bakery. His girlfriend, QTCinderella, is a cake decorator so this could actually be based on actual discussions he’s had with her. Either way, fans were supportive of his sentiment.

If Ludwig is serious, this means he may be retiring in 2027, four years from now. Of course, retirement for streaming has no set timeline and he can ultimately leave whenever he wants — or stay. For now, fans will have to see what Ludwig chooses to do with his career going forward.