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Ludwig has announced when he’ll end his subathon Twitch stream

By Olivia Richman


Apr 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ludwig Ahgren’s record-breaking Twitch stream is coming to an end soon. 

Ludwig told his followers on Saturday that he would be ending his Subathon on Tuesday, April 13th at 9 PM PST. At that point, Ludwig will reach his 31-day streaming limit. The streamer has been live streaming since March, when he announced that he would add 100 seconds to a countdown clock for each Tier 3 subscription. He ended up becoming the most subscribed Twitch streamer on the platform pretty early on as viewers continued to sub to see how long Ludwig would go. 

In the end, Ludwig had to start putting a cap on the streaming. He started cutting the time in half for each additional sub. But even that didn’t slow people down from continuing the broadcast going. Ludwig ended up working out on stream, sleeping on stream, and even getting his hair cut on stream while the clock continued. Ludgwig eventually said he was going to cap the stream at 31 days no matter what. 

Now, Ludwig will do something else with the subs he gets. Instead of adding to his clock, the subs he gets on April 13 will result in a $5 donation to either the Humane Society of America or St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 

Ludwig’s Streamathon has been a crazy ride. Each time the clock almost expires, viewers come together to subscribe in an attempt to keep the momentous stream going even longer. 

Before reaching 200 hours streamed, Ludwig already became the most-subbed Twitch streamer with 200,000 active subscribers. Over the weekend, Ludwig actually had 242,000. This is getting close to Tyler “Ninja” Blevin’s all-time highest subscriber record for Twitch, which is 269,000.