When is Baki vs. Yujiro finally happening?

By Melany Moncada


Aug 17, 2023

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Baki has been going strong for two seasons on Netflix. The second part of season two will be released on August 24, and it potentially includes Baki’s biggest challenge to date, Baki vs. Yujiro.

Baki, the titular character of the show, is on a journey to become the strongest fighter in the world. Inspired by his own father, Baki trains non-stop. Throughout his journey, Baki faces a series of deadly enemies that push him to the edge. In the end, the biggest challenger to Baki is his own father.

In the Baki: Son of Ogre manga, Baki witnesses his mother’s murder at the hand of Yujiro after she attempts to protect him. This incident lights a fire within the aspiring fighter, who decides to dedicate his life to becoming a proper opponent for his father.

Baki and Yujiro’s fight is part of the “Father vs. Son Saga.” During this arc, Baki puts his skills to the test as he faces Yujiro, the strongest man alive. The fight is not what Baki expected. Yujiro holds back, allowing Baki to get some moves in.

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In the end, Baki is in worse shape than Yujiro, who reestablishes himself as “The Strongest Creature.” Yujiro admits he can no longer be a selfish man and gives up the title to Baki, who accepts it. Despite losing the fight, Baki is still considered the winner. This act of selflessness from Yujiro puts an end to the battle between the two.

In which episode does Baki fight Yujiro?

Baki Hanma Season 2 is divided into two parts. Part one dropped on July 26, while part two is scheduled for release on August 24.

Season 2 Part 2 is titled “The Father VS Son Saga.” The final episode count is unclear at the moment. One thing is confirmed, and its that fans will finally see the animated version of Baki vs. Yujiro.

All episodes of Baki Hanma are available on Netflix.


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