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What Types of Games Are and Aren’t Allowed on Twitch in 2024?

By William Davis


Jan 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch offers lots of services to its users, but it is most well known for live-streaming video games, from eSports to real-time strategy. As of October 2023, Twitch has nearly 7 million active streamers, which is hugely impressive considering the competition in the field – and this doesn’t even cover the number of viewers. Because of the size of the usership, the type of games that are streamed on Twitch span countless genres. However, some of these have been banned by the app directors, and will not be available to view or play in 2024. 

On the Twitch website, a list of prohibited games can be viewed. All of those mentioned in their list have in some way violated Community Guidelines, through promoting hate speech or violence, for example, or have an Adults Only ESRB rating. Aside from the games mentioned by name on the site, there are some others that Twitch are imposing rules on. For example, some gambling games are restricted if not licensed in the US or a different jurisdiction with adequate consumer protections. 

Currently, Twitch streamers are not allowed to share affiliate links, referral codes, or direct links to sites with certain games like dice or poker. As long as these regulations are adhered to, viewers can still watch their favorite streams of sports betting, slots, and more. There is high demand for these kinds of streams, because it allows viewers to get the experience of being in a casino or betting, without actually having to part with any money themselves. However, with Twitch prohibiting many gambling streams, they may become harder to find and watch.

Which Games Are Allowed? 

Despite new rules that have come into place, there are still hundreds of thousands of games being streamed daily. The crackdown has had an impact on some casinos, mainly those which use cryptocurrency and are based offshore, but there are still many Bitcoin casino options for streamers and viewers alike. As long as gambling laws are being followed and streamed casino games are luck-based, there is no issue with them being hosted on the platform. 
In addition to iGaming, some of the most popular games streamed on Twitch include Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legends, Fortnite, and VALORANT. These are some of the most played games in the world, so it’s no surprise that they would be streamed so frequently on Twitch. What sets Twitch apart from its competitors is that it is focused on live streams, which keeps the audience captivated. Another essential and popular part of the Twitch experience is ‘Just Chatting’ the included chat feature on the app. This allows users to interact with each other and bond over shared gaming experiences.


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