Valorant new sniper

What is the Outlaw in Valorant? The rumored new weapon

By Olivia Richman


Oct 27, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

An accidental leak has given Valorant players their first glimpse at a new weapon, the Outlaw.

Trusted leaker ValorantLeaksEN recently tweeted a screenshot from a since-deleted showcase video that was meant to show some new skins. Of course, sharp-eyed Valorant players immediately zoomed in on the new weapon instead.

Here’s what we know about the potentially new weapon coming to Valorant.

What we know about the Outlaw weapon in Valorant

In the screenshot, we can see that the Outlaw is in the sniper category and costs 2,400 Credits. Unfortunately, no other information has been leaked right now.

From the images, however, players are assuming it will be a semi-automatic sniper, similar to Marshal. However, this one may move faster than other snipers and will do less damage. Others feel it looks like a shotgun with a scope, which has left some confused about the weapon.

The price also has some wondering if it will shake up the meta at all. It looks like it may be an attempt at spicing up Round 2 and beyond, making it easier to penetrate half armor.

The validity of this leak is currently up in the air, with many claiming it’s likely a fake edit since Outlaw is the only weapon with an English name. The rest of the guns have Chinese text, making people question the authenticity of the so-called leak.

For now, everything is a speculation, even the Outlaw’s existence. We won’t know for sure if and when this weapon is coming until Riot Games makes an announcement.