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What is the max level in XDefiant?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 3, 2024

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XDefiant is the newest FPS on the block, bringing Ubisoft IP-inspired factions to the hero shooter action. Gamers have enjoyed the game so far and many have started grinding it to reach the max level. But what is the highest level in XDefiant?

What are the levels in XDefiant?

The levels in XDefiant are a general way to show how much experience you have in the game. You level up by playing the game and good performances will make you level up faster.

But do levels do anything? Not really. Most XDefiant players have complained that levels do nothing more than act as a way to incentivize players to grind to the next level. Your level doesn’t impact your matchmaking or earn you any rewards as you level up.

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What is the max level in XDefiant?

Like every FPS, XDefiant has a max level that you can reach. Right now, the highest level is said to be 100. There is no prestige afterwards, at least for now.

Despite many believing that 100 is the max level, some gamers have noticed that you can go beyond this alleged cap. On Reddit, one player asked if the levels are infinite after noticing some high ranked players reaching 105 after playing over 500 games.

This started an argument amongst FPS players. Some said that the levels would be “endless” similar to Rainbow Six Siege while others said that developers definitely have a cap and then a prestige system to follow.

Others are guessing the cap is actually 1,000, which was seen in a leak. With most people just reaching past 100 now, it will definitely take some time to find out what the true cap is unless Ubisoft confirms a level cap.


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