XDefiant snipers are bugged, dev confirms significant nerfs

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 3, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

If you thought XDefiant snipers were just inherently powerful, they’re not. According to the developer, the guns are bugged and a nerf is on the way.

XDefiant snipers M44 and TAC-50 are known for their hit impact and one-shot kills. Unlike other shooter games, snipers in XDefiant have no major setbacks to make up for the one-shot kills. For example, the sniper is almost useless at close range in The Finals and in CS2 you have to save money multiple rounds to get one and still have compromised movement.

In XDefiant, snipers are too OP, but it’s not intentional. Developer Mark Rubin has revealed that they are working on a nerf for XDefiant snipers.

What’s wrong with snipers in XDefiant?

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XDefiant snipers don’t necessarily punish you for making movement errors. For a long time, the community has been complaining about the lack of flinch movement upon taking a bullet. In XDefiant, you could get hit and then turn back to one-shot the enemy.

This made the long-ranged weapon extremely powerful, and now the developer is working on a fix.

“Right now we are adding flinch so if you are taking hits you can’t just turn, point, click and delete people. Should be in an upcoming patch,” Mark Rubin said.

This means once the sniper gets a fix, all users will experience a flinch movement when a bullet connects with their player mode, causing a slight aim shake. This should balance the OP weapon to some extent.

However, the release date of this patch with XDefiant sniper nerf is unknown. Rubin mentioned that the “upcoming patch” will roll in with the changes, so the nerf for XDefiant snipers is likely coming soon.

What’s the best sniper in XDefiant?

With an aggressive fire rate and high accuracy at mid-range, the TAC-50 is the best sniper for XDefiant. It’s viable in long-range as well, but its lighter weight allows for high maneuverability.