Corpse Husband

What happened to Corpse Husband? Where did he go?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 29, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Everyone’s faceless crush Corpse Husband has been missing and fans are starting to worry.

Corpse Husband used to be big on social media, creating content on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and beyond. He was known for his deep voice, music, and playing video games with other top creators. But he was also a mystery, never sharing his face, personal life, or health ailments.

Despite being huge on social media since 2015, Corpse hasn’t been active since 2021. Did something happen to his health?

Corpse Husband gets personal with fans

Corpse Husband stopped streaming in 2021, telling other creators that he actually felt uncomfortable with thousands of people watching him. He said he didn’t really “enjoy” doing it and would even start shaking sometimes from the pressure he felt.

To keep connecting with fans, Corpse started streaming on his friends’ channels instead. This helped but he still eventually faded off. He now hasn’t been on a stream in any capacity for years.

Fans started asking his friends what happened. Rachell “valkyrae” Hofstetter once told fans that he’s a “very busy man” when she was asked why Corpse Husband was no longer playing Among Us with her. She added that he still wanted to be invited but has “a lot of other occupations.” Thomas “Sykkuno” had the same insight about Corpse when pressed by fans, explaining that he had other commitments that stopped him from participating.

These endeavors could be his music or voice acting. But others speculated that it was something more concerning, like a potential face leak.

Corpse Husband has never revealed his face but has shown a blurry image of himself in a mask. This led to a ton of fan art and even more thirst over the low-voiced content creator, even in his absence. Some believe that fake face leaks and other trolls caused Corpse to become overwhelmed and leave the internet behind.

Others, however, think it may be due to his health. He has shared some chronic health problems, including GERD, fibromyalgia, and thoracic outlet syndrome. He has also told fans that he hasn’t been feeling well “for some time” and admitted to being “in pain every single day.”

Still, leaving without telling fans a health update has left them shook.

Corpse Husband returns to TikTok, sort of

After radio silence, Corpse surprised fans with a short TikTok back in February of 2023. This short video just had Corpse talking in his signature low and raspy voice about a partnership with Gloomy Bear. Then he posted three more TikToks later last year that were all about his music.

Despite that being his only social media updates for the past few years, he has managed to have over 5 million followers on the social platform.

For now, fans can only wonder what happened to Corpse Husband and have continued to send positive messages to him across social media channels.


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