What are the new champions in LoL for 2023?

By Nicholas James


Jan 1, 2023

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2022 is over, and 2023 is coming, here’s what we know about the new League of Legends champions announced for 2023.

There was a time when a new League of Legends champion would arrive every two weeks, but that twice-monthly schedule is long gone. Nowadays, it’s more common for three to four champions to be released during a given year. Two of the new champions for 2023 have already been teased, so here’s what we know about each of them.

New Darkin assassin coming in 2023

Riot Games has announced at least certain aspects of two of the new champions coming in 2023. The one that we know the most about is a new Darkin champion. The Darkin are failed Ascended, Shuriman warriors who tried to become demigods like Nasus and Renekton but were corrupted by blood magic and their conflict against the Void. Now they are dark spirits contained in powerful weapons that take over the mind of their wielder in order to pursue their violent and twisted goals.

This champion will be a Darkin contained within a dagger, specifically an assassin. Judging by some of the language used in the preview, like Darkin fans asking Riot Games to “throw [them] a bone” and “barkin’ for some Darkin”, it seems that this champion could very likely be some kind of dog or wolf, wielding the dagger in its mouth like Great Wolf Sif from Dark Souls.

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New Ixtali enchanter champion in 2023

The other champion that was announced already is an Ixtali enchanter, Ixtal being the hidden elemental magic-wielding region that Qiyana is from. Enchanters are characters that focus on protecting, healing, and supporting their teammates. We know that this champion was in early development earlier this year and would be a new addition to the small list of male enchanters, as well as showcasing a new side to Ixtal.

Given that Qiyana shows off the lavish, opulent side of the kingdom, this enchanter is likely to show off the wild and untamed aspects of the hidden kingdom. The only other information we have is a small image that shows off a handful of cute spirits frolicking together, perhaps part of his abilities.

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That’s all we know about the new champions in 2023, stayed tuned for more information as the year comes along.


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