League of Legends Ixtal enchanter fire spirits

All of the biggest changes coming in the 2023 LoL Preseason

By Steven Rondina


Aug 15, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

There’s still plenty of 2022 left to go, but League of Legends’ 2023 Preseason is quickly approaching.

Following the LoL World Championship each year, major gameplay changes are introduced to League of Legends. These can include flashy changes like adding new dragons and overhauling the map, to smaller changes to how stats work and abilities interact. The next preseason will have a mix of both, with a number of champion changes coming alongside some sorely needed UI updates.

A new LoL Pls video highlights some of the changes that will be coming. Included are details surrounding three upcoming new champions, improvements to jungling, and the return of a hated drake.

LoL 2023 Preseason preview reveals 3 new champions

Two new champions were revealed in the 2023 LoL Preseason preview including K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, and two unnamed champions: a Darkin assassin and an Ixtal enchanter.

K’Sante is a new champion from Shurima, a region that hosts a number of anthropomorphic champions including Renekton and Nasus, alongside the likes of Akshon and Sivir. K’Sante will use weapons called “Ntofos” which are described as “huge, blunt weapons that can be used defensively, but at any moment he can shatter them, revealing carefully crafted blades.”

The second revealed new champion is a Darkin assassin. Not much was revealed about this champion except that the character will center around a dagger with an eye that looks similar to the Soul Edge used by Nightmare in the SoulCalibur series.

League of Legends Darkin assassin dagger

Finally, a male enchanter from Ixtal was also confirmed to be coming to League of Legends. This third character is in “very early development,” meaning it will likely be the last of these three to hit the live game. No further details were given save for an art teaser depicting three fire spirits.

Alongside this was more information on the previously revealed Aurelion Sol champion update, as well as some additional changes coming to mid lane mage Ahri.

Big LoL UI changes coming in 2023

Alongside the new champions and updates coming to Aurelion Sol and Ahri, several significant gameplay changes are coming in the 2023 LoL Preseason. These include overhauls to both the gameplay itself as well as UI and UX changes.

Pings will be getting a big overhaul later this year, with a wide variety of new pings set to be added to the game. Players will be able to call for teammates to harass opponents, reports that enemies are specifically missing from an area of the map, and more. This will give players greater ability to communicate, something LoL sorely needs.

Changes to the UI when establishing vision and wards are also coming. Developers honed in specifically on the vision trinket changes and difficulties surrounding the UI when it comes to placing vision, and these will seemingly be solved with a new AOE display for how far vision can be placed.

Jungling made easier, Chemtech Drake returns in 2023 LoL Preseason

The biggest actual gameplay changes coming in the 2023 LoL preseason are surrounding jungling. Riot Games’ goal is to make the role more intuitive and less punishing for players.

Giving laners buffs and clearing multiple camps were two of the sensitive spots discussed. Riot is looking for ways to make donating buffs to teammates less punishing for the jungler. Alongside this, new AI changes will impact how effectively players can manage jungle camps’ aggro to make it so that players can more easily juggle getting their red buff while killing raptors.

Finally, the infamous Chemtech Drake is coming back with a very different dragon soul buff. Instead of bringing players back from the dead, it will give players increased damage and damage reduction based on their missing health. All this and more are discussed in the latest LoL Pls update.


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